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Thursday, October 13, 2011

PlugRush Having Growing Pains

PlugRush responded to the less than stellar performance people had noticed over the last few days:
For the past few days we've experienced some performance problems with our system, resulting in some people getting timeouts for short periods of time during peak hours. Since our widgets are loaded in an iframe, it shouldn't stop the rest of your pages to load, or slow them down, but the widgets have taken a bit longer to load and has sometimes been unresponsive during peek hours.
This is mainly due to our growth during the past weeks, and we weren't as prepared for it as we thought we were. We isolated the bottlenecks and made plans and have already optimized code, database and server resources to cope with the growth, but a few of the performance upgrades that were necessary, took a bit more time to sort out than we planned. We're in the final stages of implementing all the upgrades that we've planned, and we expect the system to be fully working again within the next 24 hours.