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Friday, June 22, 2012

Trafficforce comments on "System Issues"

Ross from Traffic Force:

As a lot of you are aware of, Traffic Force experienced some system performance issues from June 13-19 culminating in the delaying of stats data. The issue is fully resolved, no data was lost during these problems. All data is now fully posted and your accounts reflect accurately.

A second issue was noted by around 50-60 of you that your account balance reduced to $0 or on occasion, even into negative amounts. This issue is also fixed and your account balance is correct, again no data was ever lost during this, it was simply missing.

We apologize wholeheartedly for these problems, we worked round the clock to repair everything and on Monday finally got the issue with delayed data fixed. With the added problem of the missing balances, it meant some of your campaigns were offline for several days. Everything is back to normal now and we are working even harder to improve our system so that this will not happen again.