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Tuesday, December 6, 2011 is back online?

Sounds like they are back in business:

Dear Publisher,

The entire staff at would like to thank you for the patience and support you’ve showed our company.

As you may recall, few months ago we have asked you to remove the ad tags due to extreme technical difficulties we've encountered.

Asking you to remove all our ads from your sites was a very difficult decision for us, but one that had to be made in the interest of future a relationship based on trust and mutual care.

Since then we have taken ample steps to create a better, more secure system and have brought many improvements to our scripts.
On top of that you will notice a new facelift of the publisher back end.

As a publisher, many of these changes will not be immediately apparent to you as they involve mostly backend work, but the outcome of these improvements you will surely feel.

It is with honor and humility that we ask you, to the extent that it pleases you, to reinstate our ad codes on your domains.

We, as a company and as a team, are looking forward to a lengthy collaboration with you and to many periods of increased revenues together.

We maintain our company mission to actively seek and place ourselves in positions which provide the most revenues to our publishers and we hope we will succeed in this endeavor and you will be benefited from our journey together.

Best Regards, Staff