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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Does Playboy suffer from PMS (Paul-Markham-Syndrome)?

I'll be honest; I was kinda looking forward to seeing Lindsay Lohan naked in Playboy Magazine. I was curious about how Playboy would handle things. After all, we've all seen Lohan make out with her mom naked in a pool in the movie Machete. So how was Playboy going to top this?

Were we going to see some pussy shots? Demi Moore and Drew Barrymore did it in Playboy, so why not Lohan?

Reality turned out to be less exciting. Disappointing even. Playboy showed it has no understanding whatsoever of who its audience is and what it wants. Who on earth wanted to see Lindsay Lohan in a Monroe-wannabe retro scene? No one!

It seems all Playboy can do now is try to sell T-shirts and apparel to women who like the bunny logo. Playboy is no longer a man's magazine. It no longer has any credibility with men aged 18-40 and it wasted a great opportunity to promote itself with a Lohan's pussy viral campaign. Playboy has become the new Paul Markham, unable to face the reality of a changing world.