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Friday, December 21, 2012

Changes to the TrafficShop admin area

Today, TrafficShop announced an update to its admin area:
1) Our traffic buying sections have merged into one area: "Advertisers". "Publishers" now have their own section as well. Advertisers can now purchase and manage all three traffic types (popunder, skimmed and mobile) from the "Advertiser" section.
2) Client funds are now stored in either the "Advertiser" or "Publisher" sections.
  • all funds added to TrafficShop are stored on the "Advertiser" balance and can be spent to purchase all type of traffic. No need to make any internal transfers.
  • if you sell traffic to TrafficShop all your earnings are stored on the "Publisher balance" and can be requested as a payout.
  • if you want to spend earned money on the "Publisher" balance to buy traffic, there is no need to make any internal transfers. Your publisher balance can be spent for buying traffic and is active when you have processing orders.
3) Affiliate earnings are separated from the balances. Please use "Affiliates" section to view the statistics and request a payout.

Plugrush no longer accepts Tumblr sites

When you try to add to a Tumblr blog to your PlugRush account, you will get the following error message:

You are not allowed to add tumblr websites

Recently, Tumblr itself has also been cracking down on sites that use Tumblr for affiliate marketing or to sell traffic through brokers like PlugRush.

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