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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mobile advertising: tablets outperform smartphones

A new analysis shows tablets outperform smartphones for every type of mobile advertising campaign. Tablets show far stronger CTRs for direct response and branding campaigns. Smartphone and tablet engagement patterns differ across the course of the day.

Adfonic has released its "AdSnap: Tablets" report, which compares the results gained from mobile ads displayed on tablets, with those displayed on smartphones. The report is available here. Based on billions of ad impressions from across Adfonic's platform, the comparison reveals that tablets outperform smartphones for both direct response and branding campaigns.

According to the report, clickthrough rates (CTRs) on tablets outperform smartphones for branding campaigns by a staggering 250 per cent, but perhaps more surprising is the finding that tablets also beat smartphones for direct response campaigns.

Tablet traffic vs smartphone traffic
Smartphones for the small hours, tablets in the evenings.